What is it? What does it mean? While ostensibly an abbreviation of the word “Creatures”, as in the LA-based band Young Creatures, the meaning has become more and more contested over time. The most widely accepted interpretation of it, as of the year 2017, is an acronym for “Creating Radical, Ethereal, Energetic Tunes in Chop Heaven”, “chop” being slang for one of the band’s favorite tightly-rolled pastimes. But even Young Creatures themselves will be hesitant to state the term’s definitive meaning, leaving much of it up to a listener’s personal interpretation, just as the band prefer to do with their music.

Combining elements of shoegaze, psychedelic rock, indie, and pop, Young Creatures toe the line between blissful dreamy pop and dark, eerie soundscapes. After dropping their debut self-titled EP in 2012 and the Habitats EP in 2013, the band underwent some line-up changes, as well as evolving the sound from its raw and raucous beginnings to its current atmospheric and energetic sound.

Their full-length debut Fear All The Things was released in 2014, solidifying the band’s sound and ethos. A proudly DIY band, Young Creatures have toured major cities all over North America and gotten attention from several publications, including Classic Rock Magazine, LA Weekly, OC Weekly, Buzz Bands LA, and What Youth. In LA they’ve played venues like The Bootleg, The Echo, The Satellite and residencies at the Silverlake Lounge and The Satellite. They’ve done performances for Daytrotter, Converse Rubber Tracks, Balcony TV, Sofar Sounds, & Jam in the Van. Their music has been featured in television shows and independent films, as well as on repeated plays on terrestrial radio stations such as Los Angeles’ 88.5 KCSN.

Currently a three-piece of Mike Post (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Michael Escalante (drums/percussion) and Andrew Gleason (guitar/bass/vocals), the band has released their sophomore album, The Future is Finally Now.  Recorded and mixed at Mike Post’s own MooseCat Recording studio in LA, the album refines and expands the haunting dreamy sound of their debut. The band performed and produced the entire album themselves and is looking forward to a new album release in Spring of 2019.